3 Hamilton Midwife Practices for Trustworthy Pregnancy Care

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Midwifery care offers expectant and new mothers the prenatal, labor, and postpartum support they need. It often works together with regular physicians and OBGYNs. Midwives are healthcare practitioners that specialize in caring for women during pregnancy, labor, birth, and beyond. Midwives can work with physicians to provide the best care for pregnant women and their babies. Check out these three Hamilton midwife practices for midwifery care in Hamilton, Ontario.

3 Hamilton Midwife Companies That Provide Unparalleled Pregnancy Support

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Hamilton Midwives

25 Charlton Avenue E
Unit 600
Hamilton, ON

Since 1994, Hamilton Midwives has been a midwifery group that provides all of the pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum care that a healthy pregnant person needs. Furthermore, care is free, patients don’t need a doctor’s referral, and midwives are on call 24/7 for care. Hamilton Midwives serves patients in Hamilton, Ancaster, Stoney Creek, Dundas, East Hamilton, Waterdown, Hamilton Mountain, Winona, Mount Hope, Binbrook, Burlington, and other areas in southern Ontario.

Midwives at Hamilton Midwives have many years of clinical experience, respect for all childbearing people, and speak various languages. Care begins during pregnancy and continues into the postpartum period, with care continued for mothers and newborns. Hamilton Midwives deliver babies at St. Joseph Healthcare Hamilton and provide in-home birth care.

Services include:

  • Prenatal care
  • Testing and screening
  • Labor and birth assistance
  • Postpartum care for mothers and babies
  • Testing and screening for newborns
  • Care for surrogates

Resources are available for both home births and hospital births.

hamilton midwife photoshootCommunity Midwives of Hamilton

2057 Main Street W
Suite 201
Hamilton, ON

Community Midwives of Hamilton is a midwifery group dedicated to providing high-quality,safe, personalized prenatal and newborn care to families in Hamilton and the surrounding areas for over 20 years. Furthermore, midwives at this practice are committed to providing the highest level of care to all patients, regardless of race, gender, or sexual identity. Midwifery care is available for all patients free of cost and does not require a physician’s referral. Services include prenatal care, labor and birth support, postpartum care, and newborn care.

Patients are assigned to a team of 2 or 3 midwives that will see them throughout the pregnancy and the first six weeks postpartum. Community Midwives of Hamilton support women who choose home births or hospital births. Additionally, onsite laboratory services are available to patients in addition to general care, including blood pressure monitoring, abdominal measurement, fetal monitoring, and patient education. Postpartum care includes:

  • Checkups for the mother
  • Physical exams for the newborn
  • Breastfeeding support
  • Patient Education

photoshoot of expecting mother for hamilton midwife clinicMountain Midwifery

Wentworth-Limeridge Medical Centre
849 Upper Wentworth Street
Suite 409
Hamilton, ON

Midwives at Mountain Midwifery offer support to women from the moment they find out they are pregnant through the first weeks postpartum. The schedule of prenatal visits will follow the same timeline that a traditional OBGYN would follow. Midwives are on call 24/7 to answer any questions and concerns. Prenatal care includes screenings, fetal monitoring, urine tests, blood
pressure monitoring, and fetal growth monitoring. Moreover, this Hamilton midwife practice offers prenatal classes for families who want to learn more about what to expect during labor, delivery, and beyond.

Care is available for home and hospital births – whichever the patient feels most comfortable with. The midwives operate at St. Joseph’s Healthcare in Charlton, their primary hospital. Postpartum care includes home and clinic visits. Midwives check mothers’ overall healing and well-being and monitor infants for weight gain and feeding practices.

Hamilton Midwife

Lastly, midwifery care offers an excellent alternative for women who don’t want to rely solely on the care of a traditional physician during pregnancy. Midwifery care offers the same care as
regular physicians but is more welcoming, personalized, and educational. Patients work with a small team of midwives throughout pregnancy and postpartum to receive the best care for
themselves and their newborns. These three Hamilton midwife practices provide patients exceptional care from prenatal appointments through the first months postpartum.

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